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New For 2018!

It's the show you've been itching to see!

Welcome to the Circus Minimus! The Smallest Show on Earth! The original Circus in a Suitcase!

Professor Whizzpop's Fantastic Fleas is an amazing new show featuring mighty mites and fabulous fleas performing feats of daring and death defying stunts. Meet our resident strongman; Hercu-flea and watch as he lifts two hundred times his own bodyweight! Be awe inspired by our juggling fleas or the incredible Rosa Flea; our highdiver!

Fantastic fleas can be performed on the street, as a platform show or even as strolling entertainment; don't worry, all of Professor Whizzpop's Fantastic Fleas are well trained to return home at the end of each show which means any you have, you brought with you from home!!

Book your festival infestation today at 828 5063198 or contact us here to subscribe to our flea- mail!